Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is a book about a pig and her friend Charlotte a spider. The pig is born and is a runt so he was taken to the front yard to be shot. But as the farmer was about to, his daughter Fern, stopped him and convinced him to let it live if she raised it herself. She named it Wilbur and raised it very well. As he got older he was about 10 months old when Fern's father told her the pig had to be sold, so the Wilbur was sold to a nearby farm and I won't spoil anything else.

 There are many characters in this book but the most important are :Wilbur, a very energetic pig. Charlotte a spider, who is very kind and can spin webs with words on them with the help of. Templeton, a rat that is very selfish and that finds words on different things to take back and show Charlotte so she can put them on her web, And of course Fern, the human that raised Wilbur.

My favorite charterers are Templeton, and Charlotte. Templenton, because he is the one that does something but only if he benefits from it or he is already doing it. Charlotte because she is constantly working with Templenton to save Wilbur's life she is kind and is very smart.

These are my favorite parts of the book are when:

1. Templeton walks in after a long night saying "What a night what a night," and is very fat I like this part because it is very funny and shows who Templenton is.

2. Wait wait wait i almost just told you the ending you will have to read that part for yourself
I like the ending because it is kind of bitter sweet with some common sense thrown in.  

my opinion
Over all I like this book and think you should at least give it a try hope you like it :).